Saturday, May 31, 2008

HowDipIsUrLuv?! ^^

I've learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. -Anonymous

- - && Love can wait. - -

I don't haste when it comes to love. There's nothing to haste about for a 22-year old like me. Somehow, many people feel that they are left alone in this world because they don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend of some sort. But the things is, you just have to explore life in order to figure out that there is more to it than being involve in a relationship. Love comes in the right time and place. Just enjoy it and like they say, live it to the fullest!
At habang ganitong topic pa ang nasa isip ko gusto ko lang i-share sa inyo na super LLS ako sa HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE Korean Version. Uh, feels oh so right... Actually, narinig ko lang yung song na yun while I was playing Audition. Ayun, sabi ko parang alam ko tong song na to. Tapos ayun. I search for it and viola!!! Ow I just lurve it. Alam nyo namang super babaw ko lang na tao kaya ayun.. Super smile ako at take note halos 25 times ko syang pinaulit-ulit. Hayz, after along long time. Na isipan nyang magparamdam. I won't promise anything. You know that I'm not good at making promises right? Uhm, please just try not to annoy me or just back off. WB :)

"How Deep Is Your Love" korean style ^^

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