Sunday, June 1, 2008

A moment to remember ^^

"A moment to remember"

Title pa lang. Kaka-inlove na. Naalala ko to dahil last night nagtatanong si Dj ng title ng mga Korean movie, ayun na alala ko tong isang to. A classic tearjerker. Su-jin (Son Yae-jin), cosseted by her devoted father, meets Chol-su (Jung Woo-sung), a carpenter in her father's employ. They meet cute, date, and marry, but their picture-perfect life becomes less perfect when they discover that Su-jin has Alzheimer's disease. Pag meron kayong free time panuorin nyo po but remember keep those tissues handy! :)

Realization from this movie && insert my memory card... (hihi) At some point in our lives, we have met a person who we thought we had that great connection with. You have so much in common. For days, weeks or even months, you would stay and go out together. Then suddenly in a wink of an eye, everything’s gone. No more calls, no more dates and you start to realize that he seems to be irritated when you’re together. The feeling of boredom begins to bloom in the midst of your companionship. You keep asking yourself what would probably go wrong. Is it the way I dress, talk or laugh? That’s the time you become so pathetic because it didn’t turn out the way you expected it to be: “girl meets boy, and they lived happily ever after.” Basically, you experience your life as if full of misery. You hesitate for the late night sleeps you had thinking of him, the ‘kilig’ sensation when you’re together, the calls, the ‘texting’ thing, the dates… uh! The feeling of rush whenever the telephone rings… You just can’t help but run to the phone thinking it might be him.

How pathetic… But that’s the truth. Teenagers of the 21st century are so much attached to finding Mr./Ms. Right. I’m not saying that it’s bad or something. What I’m trying to point out here is that we must not be so much inclined to it. What if one day it would all be gone just as it happened many times before.
It’s official.

Boys will always be boys... :)

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