Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm currently having the worse worse headache and this would sound cheesy but I don't really care it made me smile though.
Yhie secretly smiling on the phone and chanting you're such a cutie, you're such a sweety sweet sweetheart... hay! :D "Headache free over the phone."
??? I'm I supposed to be happy ???

She is enjoying the sorta special treatment but she does not want to get used to it. Please, please, move away before it becomes an addiction. Do not wait for her demands. You might be sorry in the end. And you're making her confused. Really.
You better stop. Whatever move you make, you'd reach dead end for sure.
Look what you've done. She is liking it. And it is not good. You haven't defeated her and she won't let that happen.
Just listen to her. She have told you already right.

"Or just please tell her you will stay... Aww"

~ the Redjumpsuit Apparatus ~ affects my hypothalamus to do this post. Kaya ayokong nagso-sound tripin' minsan e. Haiz, kung ano ano ang na susulat ng malikot na kamay ko.. Errrr
Enough of the emo thing. Just wanna share a piece of art. Hekhek [:

Yhie's Friendster Layout

Dada's Friendster Layout

Na-cutetan ako ng sobra. [: Si mababaw girl. Ako ang gumawa e.. Kaya I Lurve it talaga. Kaya lang yung kay *Dada parang sapilitan lang yung pagkaka layout ko no? Obvious bang wala ako sa mood while I was doing it?

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ubekeyk said...

dada who? HOY babaeng babaita pa hindi mo ko nilagay sa blog mo. Kukulitin kita all over the world. Haha. Ayoko na dito gusto ko na dyan. MINDORO SLING ha? Wag kalimutan. UBEKEYK