Monday, June 9, 2008

justbecausehisaToddler ^^

"iSlarpeeee ko yan.. Uhuhuhuhuhu"
Chinky eyes din sya no? Sya si Jesse Jared. Ang super sa kuleeet kung pamangkin. Uh, hindi sya sakin nagmana ng ka kulitan don't cha worry that much. :) Howell, his a toddler. My post is regarding to his eating pattern. Coz, I noticed a sharp drop in his appetite after his 2nd birthday. Suddenly he's picky about what he eats, turns his head away after just a few bites, or resists coming to the table at mealtimes. It may seem as if he should be eating more now that he's so active, but there's a good reason for the change. His growth rate has slowed, and he really doesn't require as much food now.
Ang tendency tuloy kailangan pang bola-bolahin para kumain ng maayos..
Yie: Jared, open your mouth na.. Finish your food. When you finish that one. I will buy you slurpee.
Jared: Why not now? You know yesterday.. We go to the mall.. We live you. And than (then) we go to the mall. We ride tricycle and than (then) we ride jeepney.
Yie: (ay madaldal.. wag mo kung libangin.. sinabi ng kumain ka na) haha.
Jared's Nanny: Uh, paster (faster) na Tita Yuyie (Yoyie) well(will) buy you later.
Yie: Uh yeah.. Go Ate Judith!!! Rock On \m/
$#*~~@@ I lurve the 3rd pic.. Ala sunset etchusness no?? && parang 1st time ni Jared maka tikim ng slurpee.. Kung maka higop kasi kala mo aagawan.. Huwaaaa.. Hanny ways I took those pics ^^

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