Saturday, June 7, 2008


(Just ripped from a thread.. It makes me smile that's why I posted it here)

buti pa ang kalendaryo may date
buti pa ang hersheys may kisses
buti pa ang probability may chance
yung ibang tao wala!
buti pa ang telepono hini-hello
buti pa ang film nadi-develop
buti pa ang typewriter nata-type-pan
yung ibang tao hindi!
buti pa ang exams sinasagot
buti pa ang problema iniisip
buti pa ang homework inu-uwi
yung ibang tao hindi!
buti pa ang panyo na dadantay sa pisngi
buti pa ang baso dinadampian ng labi
buti pa ang unan inaakap sa gabi
buti pa ang kamalian napapansin
buti pa ang salamin minamasdan
buti pa ang hininga hinahabol
yung ibang tao hindi!!!!!!
buti pa ang tindera nagpapatawad
buti pa ang awit at tugtog pinagsasama
buti pa ang sugat inaalagaan
buti pa ang lungs malapit sa puso
buti pa ang kotse mahal
buti pa ang pera iniingatan
yung ibang tao hindi!!!

Howell, I just wanted to share that God positioned our brain at the top to be the superior one.

connection?! insert >>>

... Some hearts are meant to be broken, shattered, and crashed. Someday we'll find that someone who will bring those pieces together and thanking the person who once rip our heart. My friend told me before that I should never try and hold back my feelings for someone especially when I know it is the right thing. We can never escape the inevitable. The harder you fight it, the deeper and stronger the feelings would get. And I prove that wrong. There are things that we wanted so badly that we end up losing it. All I can do is to go with the flow. And I'll be sailing smoothly afterward.

But for know this guys hearts were filled with 4 letters... And it goes L-O-V-E:
And they simply define... HAPPINESS ^^

*Marrian & Andrei(my pamangkin)*

*Aldrin(my pamangkin) & Kaishia*

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life." – Burton Hills

*post "OUR" picture so sooooooooon* ahaha

how deep is you'r love?! c'mon!!

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