Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dahil hindi nga ako si Darna. Actually, copy paste lang ang entry na to. Galing sa luma kung blog. Kanina kasi naisipan kong balikan yung mga naisulat ko dun. Etong isang to ang nagustuhan kung i-repost dahil na din medyo espesyal ang pagkaka gawa ko sa kanya. Minsan kasi merong isang taong inakalang kaya kung maging si Darna. Pero ngayon nasaan na si Darna? At nasaan na din yung taong inakalang kaya kung maging Darna? Eh, ikaw nga na inakalang kung si Spiderman ko eh. Hindi naman din pala. So? Nakakatuwa lang dahil minsan isang araw (LOLS) naging SUPERHERO natin ang isa't isa. [=

Notice how we always try to be our own (or somebody else’s superhero?)

How we try to be perfect? How we try to make everything just right? How we try to pretend that everything is alright? And end up realizing you really are ONLY HUMAN?

How fun it would be if we can really be superheroes!

But let me tell you three of the traits that even superheroes cannot do:

1. Control Someone Else’s Emotions No, I have not met any superhero who can control how we feel. Although at some points in our life we meet people who think they can manipulate your emotions, but the truth is, they really can’t. We are the only ones who let people manipulate us and the only one who can can define what is our Happy, Sad, Angry, etc.

2. Show You Their Real Self No, I have not met any superhero who shows everyone their real identity. In life, we only want to meet real people. You wouldn’t want to be friends with someone you don’t really know do you? I mean, if you are true friends then you would want to know who he really is, right?

3. Remind You to Quit No, I have not met any superhero who tells you to quit or to stop believing. In reality, it is courage to try to reach for your beliefs; but it takes more courage to know when to quit. What’s most courageous is to know when to move on to another dream after quitting.

So when you think you’re tired, try to hold on a little longer. When you think you can’t take it anymore, yes, try a little more longer. But when you’ve come to a point that you can’t do no more, then take a very deep breath, and then think if it’s really time to quit. Coz maybe it really is.

Never forget: We are only Human…WE CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH.

I recently came across a quote saying:

“Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can’t accept your
imperfections, that’s their fault” - Dr. David M. Burns (whoever he may

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