Friday, June 27, 2008

walang title ang kawawang tula :)

Sinulat ko to' mga 10days ago na. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko pa ipinost e wala namang derection. Hindi ko din alam kung ano yung exact feeling ko while I was writing this one. Para akong tangang type ng type sa notepad... Hanggang nabuo ko yan... Gusto kung tumawa kaya ko ipinost...

Ayan sa mabait na magbibigay ng title... Aww your very welcome!!

I’m too shy to show you my vulnerable side
I'm to near to make it clear – emotional suicide
Is this love im thinking of? I know that
Close the latch I can't attach, im sure that..

Here I am, I can't give you anything
Here I stand, I can't turn away
Here I am, don’t want to cause you pain
Here I stand, just take the pieces of me

Can’t connect, I haven’t slept, am I crazy?
Fall so deep and I can't sleep, im slipping into hazy
Want to share but its not there, and tell me why
Laugh too loud, no tears to cry
And I really want to cry

Here I am
Here I stand
I'm yours.

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