Friday, July 11, 2008

card reader

Quotable-quote 100:

"We may not be lovers kissing each other, holding hands, exchanging I love you's... I may not be your girl or you as my man.. but one thing is for sure... that when I find someone like you... I'll marry him..."

Pag isipan mo na lang to.. :)
Dahil ako... Pagod na sa kaka isip sayo.. :)
Di-distansya na ko...
Malayo sayo...
Yung tipong...
Pag layo ko...


So I've been lingering around Google, typing nonsense stuff and I found out that protein shakes makes you gain weight. Hmmmmmm. Let me go check that out then. I've been eating like a hippo since I was 13 and never did I gain weight. I gained 3-5 pounds but it keeps going back and forth. Damn it! I mean I don't want to gain a loooooot of weight. Maybe 5 pounds is good enough since I'm currently 105. I just need to have some meat on me yenno what I mean. So protein shakes it is! Let us hope for the best. Can anyone host a prayer vigil for this?


Hindi ba effective ang yogurt?? Yung tipong dutch mill na sinabayan ng dewberry?? Hindi ba effective yun??


*chalap *ayaw mag suklay

*naka suklay na nga.. nagpa cute pa??

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