Thursday, August 7, 2008

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So I heard about this news.. Could somebody tell me its just another joke?!? GOSSIP GIRL Pinoy Vr?! Pfft.
If you claim to hate or not like certain people, why the hell are you still talking to them? Initiating the conversation even? To create intrigue? To summon not-so buried hatred in your heart if only to relay that emotion to other people so you'd get noticed? Pffft. People can't sympathize forever.

If you feel strongly about a certain topic, and another person feels the otherwise, just agree to disagree. You don't have to be so about it.

If you're bored with your life, bringing excitement in by meddling in other people's affairs ain't the best way to do it. Please.

If you realize once and for all that someone you like doesn't like you back, don't turn around and bitch about him. It's not his fault you're not his type.

If you think your crush/love of your freakin' life can definitely do better with his new sweetie, don't take it out on the girl. Saying bad things about her behind her back only proves that she's definitely more deserving to be with him than you are.

If you want to gossip about an innocent person, tell yourself to stop. If you're itching to do it, if it'd kill you not to do it, have the decency to wait for return fire before officially starting the psychological war game. Fighting a one-way battle isn't gratifying anyway. Some people are just plain immune, or so very used to, such bullets.

If you're the kind of person who needs special attention, chances are your friends know that by now. Either they are tolerating it and giving you that special need by fishing information they know you want to be fished or they may be severely irritated by now. Observe how others treat you, you'll see.

Lastly, it wouldn't kill you to be happy for other people.

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