Wednesday, July 16, 2008

& I hate that I love you so >_<

&& Two nights ago, for the longest time, I felt stupid again. It was my idea to talk but then I really didn't feel good during the process. I was like...shrinking, shaking argh what else?

But somehow, when I woke up today, I was at peace. Knowing that what I did was one way to save something meaningful and important to me, I was quite OK na rin. At least. Plus add the fact that his voice was the first sound I heard.. Every morning. Yes! It made me smile of course.
( Sya ang alarm clock ko.. Instead na ako ang mang gising sa kanya.. B'coz may work sya.. Ako pa ang ginigising nya)

I know someday he will read this, so I'm gonna take this chance to say THANK YOU for everything. That "everything" means a lot. And of course, SORRY for what I did. Sana makabawi ako.

Of all the thing I've said... He just said...

"Kahit pagod ako.. Basta ikaw meron akong time.. Alam mo ba kung anung sakripisyo pinagdadaanan ko? Yung pag nagagalit ka.. Gustong gusto kitang yakapin.. Napaka sakit kasi hindi ko magawa ngayon. Alam mo bang bawat hakbang ko kasama kita? Kasi gusto ko lahat ng maganda sa buhay ko kasama kita Bhie... Pero wala kang tiwala sakin."

&& I just utter "I'll be waiting" >_<

Oww camawnn!! Tanga-tanga ko talaga! Nakaka guilty lang. Pero, sabi naman nya I have the rights na magtanong, magalit, ma-paranoid.. whatever.. Kasi may karapatan naman ako. Aww Bhie I'm so sorry.


~ Yhie Gonzales ~
(cut & paste it? I'll cut your guts)

If I had seven days to live and you ask me what to do I spend my SIX days with God and my last day with you.

On the first day. I ask the Lord above to take care of the one I love coz theres no one else I rather have than you my one and only love.

I'd pray the second day to take away your fears coz it only breaks my heart to see my love in tears.

The third day I'd be asking him to forgive me for all my sins and if may I'd beg him please for another chance to live.

The forth day is for thanksgiving for the blessings we receive he had blessed me when I met you the best gift I

On the fifth day will be prayers for all mankind that they may find peace in thier hearts and would soon reunite.

A prayer for preparation will be on the sixth day that he may take me to heaven and not the other way.

I'd thank God for the seventh day coz I pass my time with you that before I live this world you'll know how much "I LOVE YOU".

I wrote the poem when I was in 4rt Year High School. Inspired ako that time.. Coz naging Boy friend ko yung crush ko since Grade 6 (Bryan Lester D. Ponce RRT). And nakaka-inspired kasi yung place retreat house sa Tagaytay.>_<

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